LATICRETE SUPERCAP Launches Ready-Mix Delivery Service in Texas

Pump truck delivery of blended self-leveling underlayment saves time, cost and space for construction projects statewide 

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June 23, 2017, Grand Prairie, TX — LATICRETE SUPERCAP, a leading manufacturer of premium self-leveling underlayment products, is introducing SUPERCAP® Ready-Mix Delivery Service to self-performing contractors across Texas. With $44.4 billion on new construction spending and maintenance operations in 2016, Texas is the second largest construction region in the nation following New York. As construction spending continues to increase, LATICRETE SUPERCAP has stationed a mobile blending truck at its recently expanded Grand Prairie facility to better serve projects throughout the state. The new SUPERCAP turnkey service significantly saves both time and cost, as well as provides a safer, cleaner work environment by delivering an unmatched volume of blended premium cementitious self-leveling underlayments (SLU) through the company’s patented pump truck technology directly to the jobsite.

“The SUPERCAP Ready-Mix Delivery Service is able to complete a floor in 50 percent less time and at 30 percent lower cost than traditional barrel mix and pour systems,” said LATICRETE SUPERCAP President Douglas Metchick. “Due to the attractive business market, population influx and resulting construction growth in the Texas market over the last five years, we are confident our new delivery model will be well received in the state.”

Time Savings & Reduced Jobsite Disruption

The computer-controlled system ensures consistent, quality blending to create a flat floor that can be walked on in two hours and allows following trades to get back to work in 24 hours. The new SUPERCAP model can blend and pump up to 30,000 pounds (13,608 kg) per hour — the equivalent of 600 small bags per hour. The SUPERCAP Ready-Mix Delivery Service can deliver material up to 50 stories high and pour up to 50,000 square feet (4645 m2), allowing as much as four times more square footage to be completed in one day than traditional methods. Staging pallets of small bags, as well as loading and tying up freight lifts, are now eliminated because the product is shipped in super sacks and blended outside.

Cost Savings

In addition to the cost savings that come with keeping a construction project on schedule, there are direct cost savings since contractors are only required to pay for the amount of product actually dispensed from the pump truck. It also eliminates the need to purchase, operate and maintain one’s own pump truck.

Environmental & Safety Benefits

The LATICRETE SUPERCAP System exceeds OSHA’s new regulations that limit respirable silica dust jobsite contamination, which go into effect September 23, 2017.

“With SUPERCAP Ready-Mix Delivery Service the only thing that goes into the building is the hose, translating to a cleaner, safer jobsite with zero added respirable silica dust contamination and no workers hauling and manually opening hundreds of individual bags and pumping equipment,” said LATICRETE SUPERCAP Director of Sales Chad Love.

Space Savings

The SUPERCAP Ready-Mix Delivery Service eliminates space constraints for “vertical” spaces that require efficient jobsite footprints, like downtown areas where space is tight and dust is an issue.

In addition, LATICRETE SUPERCAP is offering customers more choice and affinity-based products such as moisture vapor control, skimcoat and multiple cementitious blends that serve different substrate cap needs.

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LATICRETE SUPERCAP, LLC is a leading manufacturer of premium self-leveling underlayment products delivered through its patented pump truck technology. The SUPERCAP System is a proven cost effective method for finishing new concrete or capping existing slabs, delivering flat, dry floors. The benefits are convenient service, consistent quality, increased jobsite safety, OSHA silica dust compliance and unmatched volume. All of these benefits combine to produce better outcomes and faster build-outs leading to significant time-savings on the project schedule. For more information, visit the corporate website:

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