Overhead Door Launches Fully-Integrated Commercial Door RSX® Egress Operator for Security Grilles

Advanced technology provides quicker installation, hassle-free user operation and an overall safer product

RSX Operator CSALEWISVILLE, TEXAS, May 2, 2017 – Overhead Door, one of the leading manufacturers of doors and openers for residential, commercial, industrial and transportation applications, has launched a fully-integrated standard duty commercial RSX® Egress Operator for use with Model 670/671 security grilles requiring emergency egress operations. The operator offers smart electronics and innovative hardware, including an accessory board for remote egress opening from an alarm panel, a drive release mechanism to allow non-motor operated openings and a governor to control door speed during ascent from an egress activation.

“With only one main control panel, the operator provides quicker installation, hassle-free operation for installers already familiar with the RSX platform, reduces service board inventory and allows for a variety of mounting options, which also provides a cleaner, more appealing aesthetic,” said Jennifer Castro, Rolling Steel Product Manager for Overhead Door. “The RSX Egress Operator is the answer for our distributors who need to provide their customers with an easy-to-use safety solution to help protect interior spaces including retail facilities, airports, stadiums, malls and multi-purpose buildings.”

The fully-integrated Egress Operator module contains all the necessary electronics to integrate with most alarm systems and allows for remote activation of the door opening. In the event of a power failure, both the integral drive release mechanism that activates the door to release to a fully open position and the internal centrifugal governor, which controls the door ascent speed, helps business occupants escape quickly and safely in an emergency.

During an egress test activation, the floor level auto-reset feature does not require manual intervention and the door can be motor operated normally after resetting the flush-mounted test key switch to the normal position, in addition to the limits staying synchronized with the door. A progressive 24VDC disc braking system, similar to anti-lock brakes, brings the door to a soft stop for less wear and tear on the door system.

The RSX Egress Operator provides trouble-free installation due to leading-edge features such as the patent-pending electro-mechanical Limit Lock® that quickly and easily sets and maintains limits, an LCD display for user-friendly calibration and Voltamatic® to easily correct the voltage in the field if specified incorrectly.

“The operator has an advanced logic board with 16 character display giving our installers a quick, easy calibration to get the operator up and running, advanced troubleshooting capabilities that reduces the time on site to determine the cause of an issue, creates less work and maintenance for our installers and is a safer overall product for our customers,” added Castro.

The Egress Operator offers a 2-year, 20,000 cycle limited warranty.

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