Soci introduces Cortena private label diamond tool line, creating a one-stop shop for stone fabricators and installers

Due to popular demand, tile and sink company offers high-quality products with a convenient, no-hassle buying process

Cortena Diamond Tools - LaunchDALLAS, March 17, 2017 – Soci, one of the largest designers and wholesalers of high-end tile and plumbing products in the United States, has developed a new exclusive private label diamond tool line called Cortena, creating a one-stop shop for its stone fabrication customers who also purchase sinks and tile from the brand.  

Soci consulted extensively with its high-volume fabricators and enlisted their help in field testing a vast array of tools and products for the new Cortena line to identify the most in-demand diamond toolings and supplies.

“Soci prides itself on its excellent customer service, relationships and superior quality products at unbeatable prices. By adding Cortena to our sink and tile offerings, we’re not only offering higher quality products in the market, but also creating a convenient, no-hassle buying process for our valued customers,” said David Haymore tooling specialist of Cortena.

Cortena offers power tools and blades for coring, cutting, grinding and polishing, as well as abrasives, router bits and shop supplies. Many of the products are available in two categories: higher-end Super Premium and value-priced Premium. Soci also stocks a variety of well-known name brand products, including Makita, Alpha Tools, Disco and Integra Adhesives. All of Cortena’s products are available on Soci’s website and standard distribution networks.




Cortena has introduced four Super Premium cutting blades: Bridge Saw, Turbo and Contour for granite, marble and engineered stone applications; and Speciality, which has been designed for use exclusive with marble — providing premium quality and delivering the highest performances in cutting granite, marble and engineered stone. The Bridge Saw is available in 14”, 16” and 18” sizes with both 20mm and 25mm segments. Contour is stocked in 5”, and Turbo is available in 5” and 6” options.


Cortena Premium branded abrasives are used to hone, polish and brush marble, granite and stone products — creating a finished look with a silicon carbide abrasive grain. The abrasives are closed coat, suited for wet or dry applications and are stocked in 4” and 5” sandpaper discs in PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) and Velour (Velcro) in varying grits, including #60, #80, #120, #220, #320, #400 and #600.


Tough and dependable, Cortena’s branded wet and dry coring lines consists of two Super Premium 1 ⅜” Turbo core bits with side protection – the ST line (10mm segments) and D line (8mm segments). Featuring a wave-shaped bit segment, both the ST and D lines allow for easier water penetration and prevent dust from escaping. The side protection helps prevent overheating of the barrel and allows the stone plug to easily fall out after drilling. Inventory includes a variety of popular sizes, such as 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½” and 2” and an option of a non-core bit of ¼”.


Cortena’s diamond router bits Ogee Continuous, Demi Bullnose Continuous and Ogee Segmented  are ideal for shaping and profiling granite, marble, engineered stone and quartzite countertops. The Ogee Continuous is used on granite, marble and engineered stone and are heavily diamond-concentrated, guaranteed for a long life and are available in Super Premium and Premium lines in sizes 2 cm, 2.5 cm and 3 cm thicknesses. The Demi Bullnose Continuous is used on engineered stone and concrete countertops and is stocked in Super Premium and Premium lines in sizes 2 cm, 2.5 cm and 3 cm thicknesses.

The Ogee Segmented diamond router bit produces consistent details with virtually no chipping and creates a smoother finish than its competitors. These bits are used on granite and other natural stones and are available in Super Premium sizes 2 cm and 2.5 cm thicknesses as well as Premium lines sizes 2 cm, 2.5 cm and 3 cm thicknesses.


Cortena’s Super Premium cup wheel is used for grinding marble, granite and field stones and features turbo style arranged segments to produce fast grinding and large holes to provide more efficient dust collection. Cortena’s cup wheel is available in a 4” size and in several grit options – coarse (#24 and #36), medium (#46 and #80), fine (#120 and #220).


Stocked in Cortena’s inventory is Integra’s Surface Bonder XI 250ml cartridge which features a semi-automated mix and dispenser static tip that accurately measures, mixes and dispenses the correct amount of adhesive, providing consistent results and minimal waste. Each adhesive is available in 16 of the most popular colors which can be purchased separately. Additionally, Cortena sells DAP Alex Plus Acrylic latex caulk plus silicone in clear, white and almond colors, as well as Polysil industrial-grade RTV silicone sealants in clear and white.


Cortena supplies several different options in the polishing category including its own Super Premium 7-Step Hybrid (wet/dry) polishing pads and Premium lines used for dry or wet applications to create a high-gloss finish. Cortena also stocks backer pads in 3”, 4” and 5” aluminum, rigid, rubber and soft flexible providing less damage to surrounding vertical spaces.


Acetone is stocked in one-gallon bottles and Cortena’s denatured alcohol and lacquer thinner are both sold in boxes containing four one-gallon bottles. In the Dallas area, 55-gallon drums of each chemical are also available.


Cortena stocks Makita’s hand-held 4½”, 5” and “ angle grinders, its own branded air polisher and an Alpha air compressor. The Cortena center water-fed air polisher has a rear exhaust port, is lightweight and the high-quality rubber grip helps minimize vibration and includes one 4” backer pad.


Cortena offers the essential shop supplies that every fabrication professional requires to be safe and successful, including safety glasses, masking tape, wet aprons, nitrile gloves, dishwasher brackets, razor blades, cotton rags, particulate masks, ear plugs and wet shims.


About Soci

Soci is one of the largest designers and wholesalers of custom tile and plumbing products in the United States. Soci offers an extensive line of high-end stone, ceramic and glass mosaics, diverse porcelain collections, decorative pieces, accessories and its own branded sinks and diamond tool line. Dedicated to innovative product design, Soci provides a rich palette of quality products created to inspire residential and commercial designs. For more information, visit and follow Social on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


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