Weekly Rewind: Our favorite stories from around the Web

Weekly Rewind: Feb. 3 - 7
By Mina Vu


Another week gone by, another round up of public relations, social media and content marketing stories that caught our attention.


The Not-So-Secret Black Market Of Twitter Handles (ReadWrite): The story of how one man was blackmailed into giving a hacker access to his Twitter handle is an example of how insecure our online properties can be, and how simple it is for the system to be manipulated.


How to Create a Worthy Press Release (PR News): Follow these six tips to write a press release that is shareable and delivers essential information.


How to Make Your Content a Star (Copyblogger): More and more content becomes readily available everyday. Make your content stand out by writing with a unique perspective and voice.


Here’s Why We Hate Conference Calls (PR Newser): We’ve had quite a few conference calls ourselves in the past few weeks. This video is spot on with how conference calls actually happen.

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